As a provincial service providers to Employee Assistance Programs we offer the following:
-Consultation as required to E.F.A.P. coordinators
-Training as required to peer advisors, supervisors and stewards
-Counselling and therapy (see services provided herein)

Fees: GPAssociates operates on an hourly rate for services provided. Individuals with extended health benefits through
their employer may be reimbursed for all or a portion of their Counselling fees.
Some programs allow for direct billing from the agency to the company.



We offer an individual approach to addictions based upon the unique needs of each client. Counselling is individuallized in goals and methods that enhance the client's sense of self-esteem. Assessment, in-patient treatment and after care can be arranged through our agency.

  Individuals or couples using the independent adoption approach are required to complete an Adoption Home Study. The primary concern in doing a Home Study is the child's well-being. An adoption Home Study provides the prospective adoptive parents with an opportunity to prepare for the adoptive parenting experience by discussing concerns and issues with our certified Independent Adoption Practitioner.

We have specialized training in current trauma treatment methods, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Eye Movement Integration (EMI), and Somatic Experiencing. Traumatic incidents that may be treated using these methods include:
.........sexual assault
.........motor vehicle accidents

.........injuries and surgeries

  We are experienced practitioners, teachers, trainers and public speakers. In addition to traditional counselling services, we will develop programs, seminars and workshops to meet specific needs.
  Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a body awareness approach to trauma recovery. SE is based upon the extensive research of Dr. P. Levine who recognized that people have the ability to overcome the effects of trauma through increased awareness of the sensations resulting from traumatic experiences.
  EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) is used for individuals who have experienced trauma that is unresolved. Through an 8 step protocol involving bilateral sensory input (including side to side eye movements), the client is able to process distressing memories, reduce traumatic effects, and develop more adaptive coping skills.

We have specialized training in C.I.S.M. and offer defusing and debriefing follow-up to those exposed to acute crisis in the line of duty.


Referral services for the following:
.........Psychological testing and addictions assessments
.........Specialized services and group counselling
.........Relapse prevention for adult and youth offenders

F.N.I.H.B. Approved for First Nations Peoples

Individual Counselling and therapy - Couples, Marital and Family Counselling - Effective Parenting /Child & Teen behavioral concerns .........
Child Therapy/Play therapy - Anxiety and Depression - Eating disorders/eating issues specialist

Step-parenting and Blended families
- Conflict Resolution - Grief and bereavement
Workplace and Personal stress


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