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Adoption Home Studies

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The Adoption Home Study

Individuals or couples who wish to adopt either privately or internationally must go through an adoption process that involves the completion of an Adoption Home Study, or Mutual Family Assessment (MFA). The primary concern in doing an Adoption Home Study/MFA  is the child’s well-being. An Adoption Home Study/MFA provides the eligible prospective parents with an opportunity to prepare for the adoptive parenting experience by discussing concerns and issues with our certified Independent Adoption Practitioner, Paige Gryba.

In Saskatchewan, many individuals and couples choose to adopt privately or internationally. Eligibility for international programs will vary depending upon the country chosen, so parents are encouraged to research various countries, programs and agencies for specific eligibility requirements. One of your first calls should be to the Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan ( who can provide you with a wealth of information about various adoption programs and support networks, as well as a vast library of resources.  

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Next Steps

Once you have narrowed down your international choices, then you should call the Inter-country Adoption Worker/Inter-provincial Desk Coordinator at the Ministry of Social Services in Regina. The coordinator will assist you by providing you with the most current information about the countries you have researched, and will set up a meeting with you to complete an application form. You will be directed to the provincial list of Independent Adoption Practitioners, who are certified by the Ministry of Social Services to complete adoption home studies, so that you can choose the Practitioner who will write your Home Study/MFA.

PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education) training

As part of the process of adopting, either privately or internationally, you will be required to complete the PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education) training, which is a 27 hour, on line course that provides education about various topics involved in becoming an adoptive family. While you are completing your PRIDE course, you will be meeting with your Independent Adoption Practitioner periodically to review the material and discuss it in more depth, so that your Practitioner can complete the Home Study/MFA.

When you have completed your PRIDE training, and your Home Study/MFA is written, you will review your Home Study/MFA with your Independent Adoption Practitioner and sign it. The Home Study/MFA will be sent to the appropriate organizations and agencies. You will be well on your way to becoming parents!

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